Sheppard's Confidential

Note: This page describes our newsletter.
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Sheppard’s Confidential
is sent as a
free service to all members of Sheppard’s World who have email addresses. Its unique format provides a forum for those interested in rare books, maps and related ephemera to discuss points of interest but in the main is the premier source of information on a weekly basis for the book world.

Each edition carries the latest trade news, with previews of forthcoming auctions, book fairs and other events - reviews of past auctions, and fairs. Recent trade publications (see Light Reading), amusing items (see Sheppard's Pie), warnings of scams and computer crime (see Scam Corner) - and the all important Letters Column where serious issues from dealers, collectors and the members of the trade appear.

Calendars showing the dates and venues for fairs and auctions are shown on our sister website, which is being updated every day.   Organisers of fairs and auctions who are registered on this site, may create their own announcements on Sheppard's Confidential free of charge.

The Newsletter carries inexpensive advertising which is considered of interest to either dealers or collectors. Larger companies used to supplying images are encouraged to do so but if you need help in producing images for display advertisements, we can help you.

To receive Sheppard's Confidential, please click on Dealer's or Collector's Login, and create a new entry. A sample first page is shown below (this edition made seven pages). Note that the links to Fairs, Auctions etc do not work in this sample. You have to sign up, which is free, to see these in the next live issue.

Last updated 16th March 2012