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Sheppard’s World

Sheppard's World ( is a database which is used by subscribers to search for and send initial e-mails to dealers and from which data is extracted for typesetting and maybe published in book form. All e-mail addresses are protected against abuse.

This site replaces the conventional Free Dealer Entry Forms that have been sent out some years ago by post. Dealers using the Internet can now get their business details published in Sheppard’s by submitting their details here. We will post information about the production and availability on the News and Press Releases page.

All entries for collectors, members of the trade and dealers on this site are free but having added your details and later you wish to search the database you will need to buy a subscription. Entries become active after 24 hours - and a day added to your subscription period.


  • Dealers can register their business details, free of charge, and can update them at any time in the future. A copy of their entry is always e-mailed back as confirmation after every complete viewing.

  • Dealers’ details will be published on line free of charge.

  • The site now has a search facility - dealers can be listed by country/city or town. And by trading name or subject classification of books stocked.
      Each search provides the dealers' full address, telephone, Voice Over the Internet (VOIP - eg Skype) and fax numbers and website addresses (where provided are hyperlinked allowing the user to jump directly to the dealer's website. 
      Most of the usual details shown and include: type of premises, opening times, association memberships, credit cards accepted and VAT numbers where applicable.

  • Dealers who elect to subscribe to Sheppard's World can also send e-mails out to other dealers. Such e-mails are limited to text only are designed to allow dealers to contact others with 'books wanted', 'titles for sale' or trade related requests for help. Sending messages out on other subjects (eg promoting self published books) is expressly forbidden and will result in instant removal from our website. NOTE: Users sending e-mails through our website cannot see the recipient's e-mail address - and if the recipient does not reply, then the sender will never know learn the recipient's address.

  • Once registered, dealers can also access information on Sheppard's Confidential. (The access LogonID and Password is the same.)

Conditions of registering your details

  1. Dealers and collectors agree to keep their details up to date at all times as and when changes occur (especially if the e-mail address changes), or at least annually, and to update them after receiving an e-mail request to do.

  2. Book dealers agree to supply a full postal address and contact name. New applicants may be asked to supply two references from existing dealers, such dealers to be members of recognised trade associations, to confirm the applicant's status as a bone-fide dealer.

  3. We will use all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of data but cannot be held liable for any erroneous information supplied by dealers, and cannot guarantee that errors will not occur or accept responsibility for the consequences of such errors. We welcome feedback from users who have found errors, and will endeavour to correct such errors upon notification and verification.

  4. In registering their details on Sheppard's World, dealers and collectors agree not to copy information from this site and or download Subject Insights, Lists of Fairs, Auctions, Festivals and Catalogues except for their own personal use and must not be reproduced or published in any form whatsoever.

  5. Please allow up to 24 hours for any new entry to be activated. 

    Special Note: Sheppard's World ( and Sheppard's Confidential ( are both the Intellectual Property of Richard Joseph Publishers Ltd, PO Box 15, Torrington, Devon EX38 8ZJ. UK.

    Business Terms & Conditions
    relating to the Use of the Site and Data

  6. For convenience of expression in these Terms & Conditions, Richard Joseph Publishers Ltd is described as the Service Provider.


    1 Subscriptions are valid for twelve calendar months from the start date of the subscription period.
    2 Subscribers must allow a minimum of 24 hours after settlement of their payment before the service is activated. The activated date is the start date of the subscription period.
    3 Subscriptions are non-assignable and for the use of the Subscriber’s ID and password must not be passed on, by way of sale or otherwise, to any third party for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the Service Provider.
    4 The subscription may, at the sole discretion of the Service Provider, be considered to have been terminated if not renewed by the due date for the next period. It is the Subscriber’s responsibility to maintain currency.
    5 The Service Provider may terminate the subscription and use of the service forthwith by notice sent by e-mail or letter, if the
    Subscriber is found to be in material breach of these conditions. In the event of such termination, the Subscriber’s rights to use the Service will lapse immediately and without recourse to a refund. The subscriber cannot terminate this agreement/subscription during the course of the subscription. Cancellation can only take place at the end of the subscription term, either by prior notification or by default if not renewed.

     Refunds and Cancellations

    6 Subscriptions are non-refundable [See also clause 9 (3) and (17)]. For the Returns Policy for books, see clause 9 (1).


    7 All payments must be made in sterling. Payment may be made by cheque or credit card on PayPal. The Service will not be made active until payment is received in full.
    8 Payment in accordance with the current Service Provider’s price list must be made before access to Sheppard's World and Sheppard's Confidential is made active.

    Delivery Policy

    9 (1) Books: Any books are sold on a `firm sale' basis. No returns are accepted unless they arrive in a damaged state. In such events, the whole book is to be returned in its original packaging to the Company, and on inspection will replace both the book and refund the cost of postage.
      (2) Subscriptions: These are not refundable in total but if there is a break in the service provided of more than 12 hours, the
    Company will extend the currency if the subscription by one day. Where any break in the service exceeds 24 hours, the
    subscription period will be extended on a pro rata day basis.
      (3) In the event of the service terminating permanently, subscription refunds made will be for each full month remaining of the subscription period.

    Price and Service Variation

    10 Price and Service Variation. The Service Provider will normally give not less than thirty day’s notice of any change in the
    information content and software features, except where a change consists only of the addition of new or additional features, such changes to the software, service and terms and conditions may be without notice.

    Dealers registering information

    11 Dealers accept that the information provided on their Free Dealer Entry Form may be used in printed editions of Sheppard’s Book Dealers. There is no charge for these entries.
    12 Book dealers and booksellers agree to keep their data up to date and visit their page of information at least once a year. It is important that the list of stock specialities held by book dealers is correct at all times.
    13 Book dealers, collectors, and booksellers will not be allowed to register unless they supply full postal address and
    contact/billing information. This information may be withheld from users of the site by agreement with the Service Provider.
    14 Book dealers applying for the first time may be asked to nominate a dealer to confirm their status: such reference to be supplied from an established and previously registered Sheppard dealer, a member of PBFA, ABA, ABAA, ILAB or other recognised trade association.
    15 The Service Provider and its suppliers use all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of data but cannot be held liable for any erroneous information supplied by dealers, and cannot guarantee that errors will not occur or accept responsibility for the consequences of such errors. The Service Provider welcomes feedback from users who have found errors, and will endeavour to correct such errors upon notification and verification.

    The Service

    16 Book dealers and booksellers accept that the Service Provider, while making every effort to maintain the service, cannot be held liable for any false information, or failure of an e-mail to get through.
    17 Subscribers cannot hold the Service Provider responsible for any break in the service caused by any external forces,’ force majeure’, fire, flood, terrorism or act of war, or any other event outside the control of the Service Provider.


    18 Collectors and dealers in books, maps, prints and ephemera, in submitting their business details, acknowledge that the
    copyright in the information and format are the property of the Service Provider.  We make no claim for copyright relating to  any contents or format of dealers' catalogues that appear on our website - in each case such copyright remains the property of the dealer.
    19 Compiling information for re-publishing, or for any other use other than personal, from this service, including copying any aspect of the pages shown on the Internet is strictly forbidden, any violation by the Subscriber or the Subscriber’s employees, agents or contractors, may invite claims and litigation by the Service Provider.

    Terms & Conditions

    20 These terms and conditions are the whole agreement between the Service Provider and the Subscriber. No addition or variation shall be binding unless agreed in writing by a director of the Service Provider.

    Last updated 8 July 2015